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According  to the Health Foundation “Person-centred care sees patients as equal partners in planning, developing and accessing care to make sure it is most appropriate for their needs. It involves putting patients and their families at the heart of all decisions.

"Person-centred care aims to be user focused, promote independence and autonomy, provide choice and control and be based on a collaborative team philosophy. It takes into account service users' needs and views and builds relationships with family members.”

Person centred  care can be made up of three areas of work, within  the context  of the House of Care – care planning, self-management  and shared decision  making.

In Sheffield CCG, we have been concentrating on the care planning process in our recent commissioning activity, but we are now moving to the wider concept of person centred care, and this page now has sections on both self-care and shared decision  making, which we will develop further.

The patient centred care planning section has resources around the current Locally Commissioned Service, links to evidence around care planning, and a section about the Patient Activation Measure.

The page on practitioner resources gives further information and links to help improve the ways in which the care planning process is supported by health professionals. 

See here for the Health Foundation Person Centred Care support page:

The Health Foundation have a short video which neatly  sums up  the  principles of Person Centred Care: 

Personalised Care: Dr Ollie Hart: April 2021

Below is a short video from Ollie, a GP in Sheffield and a PCN Clinical Director committed to supporting personalised care from an individual and system perspective.  Succinctly describes personalised care, why its everyone’s business, benefits for everyone in the system, how approaches, structures, processes and new roles can support its development.

Person Centred Care – RCGP Animation November 2017

The RCGP is working with NHS England to support GPs and primary care teams deliver person-centred care -this approach  can reduce pressures on the primary care team and bring increased professional satisfaction to GPs. See the animation here.

National Voices - Person-centred care in 2017 - Evidence from service users Don Redding and Sarah Hutchinson

Policy makers have been aspiring to a ‘patient-centred NHS’ in England for at least 20 years. Person-centred care has become an increasingly prominent stated ambition both of national policy and local practice.

What difference, if any, have these stated ambitions made to the experiences of people who need and use services and support? We wanted to know.

This report attempts to create a snapshot of the extent of person-centred care in the English health and care system, based on how people report their experience of treatment, care and support. This data can be found — in patches — in surveys of patients and service users.

Person Centred Care in 2017

British Journal of General Practice: How to Support Patient Centred Care: Roof of the House of Care Framework

Publication by Ollie Hart, March 2016, describing how the House of Care Model is informing Person Centred Care here in Sheffield. 

Collaborative Care and support Planning : Ready  to  be a Reality : RCGP December 2016

This report demonstrates the RCGP’s  ongoing commitment to care planning and person centred care. Care planning does not have to be and nor should it be solely the domain of the general practitioner. It should be shared with other members of the primary care team, practice nurses with LTC training, nurse practitioners, new roles such as health coaches/navigators and integrated working with community and social services. The most appropriate person should be leading or working with that individual. By integrating services and resources, continuity of care and person-centred care will be promoted. 

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