Patient Activation Measure

PAM Update April 2021

Sheffield have managed to secure PAM for the remainder of the year 2021.  This will tide us over until the NHSE Framework comes out (hopefully at the end of April /beginning of May) and then we may be able to make plans from there – hopefully on a wider South Yorkshire perspective

Good news to carry on if you are currently using PAM or if you are planning to use PAM within your service.

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Supported Self-Management  and PAM  : Updates and FAQs: February 2021

  • Following on from the letter dated 8 February from Judith Hendley, NHS England and NHS Improvement has now completed a set of FAQs which can be viewed on the Supported self-management (SSM) Futures NHS platform which provide further information around the plans for SSM. 

  • NHSE /I recognise the huge effort that has been invested in embedding PAM® in  organisations and services and tailoring support to meet individual needs. The natural ending of the current contract with Insignia Health has provided the opportunity to assess how NHSE/I continue to support systems and organisations to embed supported self-management. 

  • Over the next year NHSE/I will continue to promote and accelerate interventions that contribute to self- management, including the roll out of Health and Wellbeing Coaches and Care Coordinators into primary care as part of the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme, peer support and self – management education. NHSE/I will strengthen the embedding of personalised care approaches by using a broader set of measures and outcomes supporting the asset based “what matters to you” coaching conversation; appropriate to individual’s needs and enabling a person to meet their appropriate relevant goals in order to supportively self-manage their health condition on a daily basis. 

  • This year ahead is an exciting time for SSM and NHSE/I  look forward to working with us all to continue to develop personalised care to support great outcomes for the people who use our  services; through the skills development and subsequent mind-set and culture change for all within systems. NHSE/I  are committed to ensuring that personalised approaches continue to influence and shape local service development.  

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February 2021 PAM  Update from NHSE

Please click here to see the letter sent to all sites on 8 Feb 2021

  • NHSE/I has provided licences to NHS organisations and partners to use the PAM through a contract with Insignia Health.
  • This contract with Insignia Health comes to an end in April. This means that organisations that obtain their PAM licences via NHSE/I will not be able to use these licences after 14 April 2021.
  • NHSE/I Intend to set up a framework of suppliers of measures, relevant to supported self-management and will be inviting relevant suppliers to apply to be on the quality-assured framework which it is hoped will be in place at end of quarter one of 2021/22 - this will be for use by organisations that wish to identify and contract with suppliers of appropriate measures. NHSE/I hope that Insignia Health will apply to be on the framework with the PAM.
  • NHSE/I will provide more information on these developments in April 2021
  • Whilst the tools and measures that we use to develop supported self-management approaches and help us to tailor and demonstrate change in behaviour / resource utilisation, may in the future be different than we use now , the personalisation approach remains the same .
  • Activation as a concept – that mind set shift - believing that an individual has the ability to contribute to their care, understanding how an individual’s knowledge skills and confidence to self-manage may help tailor an approach , remains at the heart of how we work with people.
  • These NHSE/I changes present a great opportunity to continue to embed personalised approaches by using a broader set of measures and outcomes supporting the asset based “What matters to you” coaching conversation , appropriate to an individual’s needs ,enabling a person to meet their appropriate relevant goals in order to supportively self-manage, with the knock on effect that they this may have on their outcomes as individuals and on the system as a whole .
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Introduction to Patient Activation

Please find the introduction to Patient Activation here

This video clip explains the Patient Activation Measure - PAM.

This video clip demonstrates that Activation is not easily observed!

This simple info graphic illustrates how PAM can support self-management approaches.

This poster shows the CCG successes in applying tools and measures to support Person Centred Care  

PAM - Patient Activation Measure

Key Self Care and Activation Stats August 2017  

Using the Patient Activation Measure : Questions and answers

Patient Activation Newsletter – Insignia Advances

The FAQ section on the NHSE website is also a very good source of information regarding PAMs and its use.

The Newsletter from Insignia has some useful snippets regarding Patient Activation – with an opportunity to sign up for it yourselves.


PAM Technical Webinar: Hosted by NHS England, 4 January 2018

The enclosed presentation covers:

  • PAM scoring options
  • PAMScoreSheet
    • Security measures and technical considerations
  • Use of PAM with EMRs
  • SNOMED and READ codes
  • Using Insignia Health APIs
  • Sites shared learning

Download the Webinar presentation here.

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