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Personalised Care Models May 2021

NHS England/Improvement have updated the Comprehensive Model of Personalised Care to reflect strategic objectives and policy.

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Resources to support the Universal Model of Personalised Care

Shared Decision Making then link to  this  page

Personalised Care and Support Planning  then link to  this page

Personal Health Budgets  then link to  this  page

Social Prescribing  then link to  this  page

Supported Self-management   then link to  this  page

NHSE have more resources on their Collaboration Platforms – to  get  access to  the platform contact



Personalised care models November 2018

NHS England has published the following models relating to personalised care:

  • Comprehensive model of Personalised Care – this model helps to establish a whole-population approach to supporting people of all ages and their carers to manage their physical and mental health and wellbeing, build community resilience, and make informed decisions and choices when their health changes.
  • Personalised care operating model – this model shows how all the various components work together to deliver a joined-up approach around the needs of each individual.



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