Area Prescribing Group

The Sheffield Area Prescribing Group (APG) is a sub-group of the Clinical Executive Team of the NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group with the following remit:

  • To promote integrated patient centred prescribing practice, including medicine related aspects of NICE guidance and health technology assessments
  • To develop and agree joint prescribing practices and oversee their implementation across the Sheffield health community
  • To review new drugs and undertake assessment of new products and to advise relevant organisations on best local prescribing practice, including consideration of quality and cost-effectiveness and safety
  • To work with the STH Medicines Management & Therapeutics Committee, the SHSC Medicines Management Committee and the SCH Drugs and Therapeutics Committee and others to promote joint working across primary and secondary car
  • To promote the development of appropriate shared care protocols and guidelines relating to the use of individual drugs or therapeutic areas. To take ownership of these; to review them regularly to ensure that they remain fit for purpose; and to ensure they take into account the resources available in the local area to deliver the best outcomes for patients
  • To consider actions arising from Medicines Safety Group
  • To manage the Traffic Light Drug List for prescribable therapies and make each updated version available across the health community in Sheffield
  • To maintain oversight of the interface between primary and secondary care medicines management, to identify areas of concern or aspects of medicines safety, and to communicate the strategic approach to managing these across the health community in Sheffield

If there are any issues you would like to raise or report to the Area Prescribing Group please send these direct to the APG mailbox.

The full remit, membership etc. are listed in the APG Terms of Reference

APG Annual Reports

Annual Output Report January 2018 - December 2018

Latest Minutes

The minutes from the last six months can be downloaded below as pdf files. Previous minutes can be obtained by contacting the APG mailbox.

Area prescribing group updates 

A regular update from the NHS Sheffield CCG Area Prescribing Group (APG) - we aim to give you a brief summary of prescribing advice and guidelines that have been approved after each meeting. The APG updates from the last six months can be downloaded below. Previous APG updates can be obtained by contacting the APG mailbox.

Download the updates 

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