Controlled Drugs Resources

 For incident reports to the CD Accountable Officer (Gazala Khan at NHS England)


Incident reports should be submitted to NHS England via the following link. This superseded the previous reporting form and process from November 1st 2017. CD Incident Reporting Tool

Futhermore, the following mailbox (YHCDAO) should be used for all enquiries relating to controlled drugs such as:-

  • Alerts relating to lost, stolen and fraudulent prescriptions;
  • Process and forms for Prescribers Requesting Private Controlled Drug Prescriptions (FP10PCD);
  • Applications or any questions;
  • And all queries relating to controlled drugs. 

In the event of a serious CD incident or concern please contact the CD Accountable Officer on 01138 251 857.

Useful Forms

Private controlled drugs prescribing/transfer self-assessment

Private CD Pharmacy Contractor Form (to request an F code)

CD Resources

Regulation 28 - Controlled Drugs Clear Dosing Instructions (Letter from NHSE CDAO December 2017)

Dispensing Controlled Drugs (PSNC)

The Controlled Drugs (Supervision of Management and Use) Regulations 2013

Controlled Drugs (Supervision of management and use) Regulations 2013: Information about the Regulations

To request a witness for the destruction of Controlled Drugs - Review date extended to September 2024

Care Home Reporting Process Flowchart

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