Sheffield Formulary

Medicines Management Team Formulary

The Medicines Management Team (MMT) have published a MMT Formulary on SystmOne which preferentially displays Sheffield Formulary recommended products along with other products that have been approved as cost effective choices or where there is important safety information to convey. This is automatically available for all Sheffield SystmOne practices and will take effect for each user provided they have the ‘Formulary Entries’ box ticked – please see this guide for further information.

Sheffield Formulary

The Sheffield Formulary has been produced under the auspices of the Sheffield Area Prescribing Group (APG) and is designed to give clear concise guidance on drug selection.

The formulary contains a list of preferred choices for non-specialist drugs and products, which will be available in both primary and secondary care. Please note that appropriate funding will be made available for all drugs that receive positive NICE technology appraisal, however not all of these drugs will be specifically listed in this non-specialist, primary care formulary.

The choice of preferred drugs has been made on the basis of evidence of clinical efficacy, safety, patient acceptability and cost effectiveness. The contents reflect wide consultation within the city.

Click on the section titles below to view. The review dates can be seen next to each section. 

BNF Section

Introduction and how to use the formulary 

1.         Gastrointestinal system February 2023

2.         Cardiovascular system - Review date extended to February 2021

3.         Respiratory system -  Review date extended to October 2022

            Videos showing how to use various inhalers and devices (Asthma UK)

            Ellipta inhaler - QR codes and links to training videos in other languages

            Videos showing how to use adrenaline auto-injectors: Emerade®Epipen®Jext®

4.         Central nervous system - Review date extended to April 2021

5.         Infections – December 2025

Due to the potential frequent updates, please access the NICE Summary of antimicrobial prescribing guidance - managing common infections via this link and scroll to the link (first bullet point) named 'Condensed summary of antimicrobial prescribing guidance - table'

            Clostridioides difficile: Good Practice Points - November 2023

            Oral linezolid - Communication to primary care clinicians on the new OPAT service - July 2025

     MRSA - Guidance for Sheffield CCG and Primary Care - September 2022

 6.        Endocrine - April 2026

            Information on blood glucose testing strips - March 2019

7.         Obs & Gynae & Urinary Tract Disorders - Review date extended to January 2021

            ICIQ-UI Short form - Review date extended to January 2021

            Continence (Sheffield Integrated Continence Service Adult Formulary) - June 2022

8.         Malignant disease and immunosuppression    

9.         Nutrition and blood - June 2024

            Thickening agents ‘thickeners’ Summary Sheet - July 2024

10.       Musculoskeletal & Joint Diseases - October 2024

11.       Eye - Review date extended to January 2021

12.       Ear, Nose & Oropharynx - Review date extended May 2023

13.       Skin - January 2026

            Abbreviated Guide to Emollients used in Primary Care - January 2026

            Acne Clinical Guideline -  Treatment Guideline for Primary Care (Sheffield) - January 2026

            Paraffin-containing emollients: fire hazard - Review date extended to January 2024

14.       Immunological products and vaccines   

15.       Anaesthesia

           Wound management products - Review date extended to July 2020


  Appendix 1 - Glossary of Terms and Descriptions used in the Formulary - July 2023

  Appendix 2 - High cost drugs list - July 2023

  Appendix 3 - Traffic light drugs list          

  Appendix 4 - Shared care protocols        

  Appendix 5 - Common Blood Monitoring Schedules - June 2026 

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System  Generic Brand Guidance for SYB - June 2025


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