Medicines Safety

Audit of the management of methotrexate in primary care

Antipsychotics in Dementia

Collaborative discharge audit – Sheffield CCG report (January 2017)

Dependence Forming Medications - Top Ten Tips: Dependence Forming Medications (RCGP)

DMARDs monitoring quick reference guide -Review date extended to February 2024

    Please refer to individual shared care guidelines for more detailed information


Fluoroquinolone antibiotics: restrictions and precautions for use

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System  Generic Brand Guidance for SYB - June 2025


Medicines with teratogenic potential: what is effective contraception and how often is pregnancy testing needed? Guidance for primary care clinicians - November 2022

Paracetamol – oral dosing in adults with low body weight - April 2024

Paraffin-containing emollients: fire hazard - Review date extended to January 2024

QoF Quality Improvement Indicators 

Sample audit tools:-

Ranitidine liquid formulations – ethanol content

Reducing Diclofenac Prescribing: The success in Sheffield of joint working across the interface  

Replacement Patient Information/Monitoring Booklets

Reporting errors on STH TTO medicines

Safer prescribing of oral amiodarone

Steroid Emergency Card – Guide for Primary Care - September 2026

Stopping the Over Medication in People with Learning Disabilities, autism or both (STOMPwLD)

Valproate Prevent audit report – October 2019

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Yellow card (for reporting ADRs, medical device incidents, defective or counterfeit medicines or devices) -  

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